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Asphalt Roof Shingles Repair

Whether you need a total roof replacement or have damaged shingles, Blue Raider Contracting offers asphalt roof shingles repair and replacements. Learn about our shingles now!

3 tab – This is basic builders grade shingle. Most 3-tab shingles are rated 15-20 years when having the proper ventilation. Max wind protection less than 60 mph, almost any size hail can damage this shingle. Most storms in TN have gust of 60 mph. IF you have this shingle please reach out ASAP you could be entitled compensation.

Architectural Shingle – One of the fastest growing shingles on the market. Blue Raider Contracting automatically provides this shingle on every home even if you have a 3-tab shingle. Wind protection up to 110mph-130mph.

Averages in lifespan 25-30 years. This shingle can be damaged by hail.

Premium Shingles – These shingles are rated for any wind storm, and come with a lifetime guarantee depending on the manufacturer. Most of these shingles offer a discounted homeowner’s insurance.

Discontinued Shingles – There are a number of banned shingles in TN. IF you think you have a shingle that matches these pictures please reach out ASAP. You could be experiencing a leaking roof and wouldn’t have any idea. Save yourself the money. As shingle roof replacement contractors, we’ll give you a better roofing solution.

Don’t Put Off Roof Repair

It’s no secret that roofs need to withstand harsh environmental elements. Rain, hail, storms, and heavy winds can do a number on shingles over time, so it’s important to understand that shingle damage weakens your roofing system. 


A cracked or damaged shingle affects the roof by making your system vulnerable to harsh weather. Compromised shingles allow moisture from the elements to work their way in—not to mention the increased chance of mold and mildew growth on your ceiling and walls.


When you notice trouble, don’t put off roof repair. Instead, call us for asphalt roof shingles repair services. Get in touch with us today! 

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